Calzaturificio Sabena

The 45 years of activity says a lot about SABENA CALZATURIFICIO experience. The company that made shoes of all types has been in continuous evolution since Giancarlo Stocco and his wife founded it in 1973. During the ’80s, the company (subcontractor) began to specialize in sports footwear, standing out for cycling, soccer, and motorcycle shoes.

The continuous technical and technological improvement of the footwear can satisfy the needs of great champions, such as Timo Bracht and many others who still successful nowadays (we will not mention them for fairness).

Sabena is a family-run company, which represents well the Venetian – Made in Italy a legacy of high quality and excellent products. Thanks to the distinguished quality of the products, the company is capable of renewing and expand itself. On the Sabena shoe factory, located in S. Biagio di Callalta (Treviso), ideas and sketches transform into high-level products with Sabena’s expertise and customer advice. Designers, planners, model makers, suppliers of traditional and cutting-edge raw materials are just some of the partners with whom Sabena connects each day to create the best product and be competitive on the market.

Over the years, having developed complex and innovative projects for the most famous brands on the two-wheeler panorama such as SIDI, FIZIK, TIME, just to name a few, the desire to convey all the know-how into a product was born spontaneously just that it could achieve the highest levels.