Technical data

The BOA® Fit System improves fit and functionality of your technical shoes. It provides custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure points. BOA® can be adjusted quickly and precisely with only one hand and your gear is quick to put on and take off.


Dial in the perfect fit. The BOA® Fit System delivers a more even pressure distribution and better power transfer; so you can ride further, faster, longer, and stronger.


Fast, lightweight, and precise, the BOA® Fit System is engineered to perform in all weather conditions — guaranteed.


The BOA® Fit System allows you to customize your fit with instant micro-adjustments for effortless precision that better connects you to your gear.


Engineered with ultra-durable materials, the BOA® Fit System is extensively tested in the harshest conditions.

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    The innovative MULTI CONTACT CLOSURE SYSTEM designed by Crono Development and Research department creates a new closure standard system for cycling shoes highly performance. It keeps your feet steady and guarantees a perfect fit and a better control.

    Adjustable Comfort System

    Double regulation system of the buckle strap.

    Anatomic Tendon Protection

    Special memory foam into the tongue.

    High Transpiration Tongue

    Special aeration on the tongue to keep the feet fresh.

    High Ventilation System

    High aeration from the front to the back of the shoe.

    Laser Areation System

    Laser holed system for aeration

    Maximum Ventilation

    Large openings on the shoe for maximum ventilation.

    Ready To Start

    Dual system created to fit the shoe in no time.

    Shock Absorption System

    Anatomic insole with shock absorbing insert.

    Super Grip

    “Cat tongue” lining.

    Special Profile

    Plastic heel with high restraining profile.